Welcome to Pinter Society Of India

          A group of young energetic academics and scholars of Literatures in English, under the care and guidance of some eminent university faculty of literature, have formed PINTER SOCIETY OF INDIA after the name of the Nobel laureate (2005) Harold Pinter (1930–2008) who along with some of his peers overwhelmingly changed the contemporary theatre scenario,

We wish to publish original, ardently researched articles on various facets of contemporary creative literature in the global perspective.

What we would like to provide is a serious forum for disseminating knowledge and expertise with new leaps of insight on the discipline of contemporary (later 20th century) global literature in English with a view to understanding various perceptions, ideologies and interpretations of our time.

We will focus ever-growing experiments in art and literature giving rise to various exercises around literary creations. Critical evaluation together with informative and analytical interpretation of the pathfinders, who influenced contemporary literary practices, will also be taken into consideration.

We would seek to discuss new artistic and theoretical movements laced with a fervent creative urge in contemporary literatures in English across nations. We would care to present the literary scenario with regard to what has been happening around us across the spectrum of the world literature today.

We invite scholars, academics, students and all literature lovers to stand by, and to encourage and inspire us with their meaningful contributions, sincere cooperation and active participation.

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